On the Bigfoot Scenic Byway between Hoopa and Orleans in the canyon country of Humboldt County’s California Coastal Range precisely at the confluence of the Klamath River and Trinity River lies the small community of Weitchpec.

Weitchpec is an anglicized word for the spring called Weitspus in the Yurok language. Weitspus seeps out of the side of the mountain bringing cool fresh water. The Yurok built one of many villages at Weitspus. The village became the center of the commerce and trade for the native people who relied on the Klamath River and Trinity River for their bounty of food, their transportation and their social lives. Today, a few homes, the ceremonial dance grounds, cultural areas, and Spey-gee Point Guide Service remain at Weitspus.

The town of Weitchpec located at the eastern edge of the Yurok Reservation boasts a mercantile, Pearson’s Store, operated by a descendent of Pectow Billie – Bill Pearson; the Yurok Tribal Offices and Medical Clinic; the Weitchpec Church; and Spey-gee Point Guide Service and Lodging – guided by another descendent of Pectow Billie – Tom Willson.

Located on the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, in one of the wildest areas in California, Weitchpec is not a place happened upon by accident. It must be purposefully sought after. Upon arriving in Weitchpec, a walk out on the Klamath River Bridge will be exhilarating. Views of the dense forests with the confluence of the Klamath River and the Trinity River on the south side and the approaching mighty Klamath on the north appear. Stopping for a view is not enough. The experience of being on the water to get a close up view of the wildlife and the fauna is a must. The sighting of deer, river otters, black bears, and bald eagles are common. The great bald eagle flies overhead or roosts in tall trees high above the river banks. The black bear come to the water’s edge to fish. Water fowl are plentiful. Once on the Klamath River, every river bar entices exploration.

For the fisherman this is paradise. Fishermen, in the know, crave an opportunity to fish in Weitchpec. Fly fisherman find plenty of room on the river bars to practice their fly fishing. Many of the river bars are remote and accessible only by extremely steep deer trails or by guide boat. Spey-gee Point Guide Service is a specialist in transporting fishermen to the river bars where the fish are biting. Weitchpec is the place to enjoy Klamath River fly fishing or rod and reel fishing.

Spey-gee Point Resort is located one mile west of Weitchpec and the guide service is located at the old Weitspus village.

From the Spey-gee Point Resort the view of the Klamath River is spectacular and the peacefulness is unparalleled. The sound of Weitchpec is different than that of any place in the world. During the warmer months, the distant sounds of work being done on the roads are softened by the dense forests creating a lulling sound; the flowing of the river provides a melodious backdrop; the occasional automobile’s wheels upon the pavement adds interest; and the tenor of the insects in the trees surrounding Spey-gee Point complete the symphony. These sounds draw visitors back for an auditory vacation. Whether the passion is fishing or peace and quiet, it will be waiting at Spey-gee Point.