• L Coffee
    This is the best kept secret to fabulous steelhead fishing on the California coast!  Very affordable and accessible!  After 25+ years of fishing steelhead in Northern California I have settled into staying at Tom and Morneen’s just below the confluence of the Trinity and Klamath Rivers in Weitchpec, CA.  Tom built several very cozy, clean and comfortable fishing cabins right above the Klamath River on some of the most productive fly fishing steelhead water in California!  The cabins come in several sizes and include kitchens, living area, separate bedrooms, modern bathroom, well heated & full electrical including Wi-Fi and TV! Last year I was ‘face timing’ my wife right below the cabin while hooking a beautiful adult steelhead! The accommodations are very comfortable, and best of all, Tom and Mornene are warm and friendly and very knowledgeable on all aspects of the fishing.  If you like, Tom can guide you on the river with his jet boat and take you to very secluded yet productive riffles and runs!  When I have fished there with my friends over the years we usually fish all day and see very few other fisherman, yet we land many half pounders and usually a few adult fish! Check this place out!
    L Coffee
    Novato, Ca
  • JB
    My wife and I sure had a great time! After staying in well-supplied cabin, riding down the mighty Klamath and trying my hand at fishing, I can truly say that we had a great adventure! I was amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is there. I hope we can do it again soon!
    Redding, CA
  • Don & Chung Kruger
    Enchanting! Exhilarating! Tom's power excursion down the mighty Klamath River was a magic carpet ride, a fresh-faced romp among towering monoliths and rollicking ripples. A chorus of osprey, cranes, elk and bears - and the spirits in ancient petroglyphs - sang to us as we drifted in the canyon. Bare feet dangled in the cool waters thrilled to the flutter of gravid salmon running just underneath. And Morneen's secret grotto was a blessing upon the soul.
    Don & Chung Kruger
    Sherman Oaks, CA